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Ninja classes offer a more fast-paced class combining skill instruction, cardio, and
obstacle courses. Ninja zone takes the skill of gymnastics, the dedication and discipline of
martial arts, and the strength and agility of parkour to create an amazing sport that produces
confident athletes. Ninja Zone takes hard to manage, high energy kids and gives them an outlet
for their energy while teaching them the importance of discipline and dedication.

Our ninja zone currently has three levels; white, yellow, and green; with the potential for
a fourth blue level as our ninjas improve. Our white level is also broken down by age and
gender with Lil’ Ninjas for boys ages 3-4, Ninja 1 for boys ages 4-6, Ninja 2 for boys ages 6-9,
Ninja 3 for boys ages 9-13, and Ninja Girls for all of our female ninja athletes. Our yellow Ninja
classes are also broken down into boys and girls ninja classes. We currently do not have a
green level girl ninja class but look forward to adding one as our girls improve and our program
expands. Ninjas move up the colored levels as they master more skills and embody more of
Ninja Zone’s core values.

Click HERE to see our schedule of classes.



Lil Ninja is like our Ninja 1 class but specially designed for boys age 3-4

NINJA 1 (BOYS 4-6)

1 HR

Ninja sport includes combinations of flips, rolls and kicks that are designed to help:
Improve Total Body Coordination Build Strength?Improve Agility
Ninja Zone uses your child’s energy to create focus!
Beyond skill, this class teaches:
Self-Confidence Discipline Impulse Control Responsibility Instinctual Safety
For success in school, sport and life; a child that learns to channel their impulse and energy toward a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors.
NINJA 2 (BOYS 6-9)

1 HR

Ninja 1 for boys 6-9

NINJA 3 (BOYS 8-13)

1 HR

Ninja 1 for boys 8-13